As a diploma qualified and fully insured massage therapist I can tailor your massage to suit your wishes. Please read below to find the treatment that you would best suit to relieve your aches and pains, if you are unsure then we can find out during the consultation that will only take about 15 minutes maximum! this consists of a few questions just so we know the type of massage that would suit you best.

Full Body Massage: This treatment includes your feet, legs, hands, arms, abdomen, back and shoulders. A facial massage can be included at no extra cost so please state if you would like this little extra. This massage uses a variety of massage techniques from effleurage to kneading to hacking; each client is individual so we make sure we use the correct techniques according to your wishes. More commonly known as a Swedish massage this massage is best used for pure relaxation and pampering time, although it also loosens muscles and aches and pains, a target area massage would help those more. -1hr 10mins- £40.00

Back, Shoulders and Face: This is more commonly known as a half body massage, this massage is very similar to the full body massage, this can be used to target the back area more than the full body massage as we can focus more on the areas that are wanted. As with the full body massage a variety of techniques are used to satisfy your aches and relaxation needs. - 40mins- £30.00

Indian Head Massage: This treatment focuses on the shoulders, neck and the head. A facial Massage can be used to finish off for no extra cost just let us know on the day of your massage. Indian Head Massage is used for relaxation and healing. The benefits of this massage form a long list some of these include joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders, improvement in blood circulation and lymphatic flow. If you suffer with any of these then this treatment could really help to prevent stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. -20 mins- £30.00

Target area Massage: This is a treatment that I found a lot of clients asked for because they were having a particular problem with one area. This is where we pay more attention to one area for a longer period of time to help alleviate stress and tension. The time taken depends on the area and also varies with what is wrong. We have found anything from 10-20 minutes helps a lot with particular areas. it is recommended that this is booked alongside another treatment, but please talk to us first as there may be another option more suitable. 


All of our treatments can either use oils or a special massage wax that are perfect for a cold winters day due to there warming effects. We use a family run business called Annies Massage Wax. Please click on the link for more information <---.


Please Note: Consultations do have to take place as a requirement, this beneficial to you to gain the most from your treatment. The first appointment will be booked to allow for the consultation; they should take no more than 15 minute!s. Any Patch tests that are required for any oils or waxes must take place minimum 24 hours before the treatment takes place incase of reaction, if a reaction occurs then we must be contacted immediately. please check with our therapist when booking your appointment.